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Tip Tuesday – a clutter-free home!

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Oct 2016

Everyone knows the age-old saying: a tidy home is a tidy mind. It’s easy in principle, but when we’re juggling work, children, exercise, socialising, hobbies, it can seem like an impossible dream.

We’ve gathered some of the best tips out there to keep your home clutter-free, without the KonMari method!

Reset to zero every night

Put everything back in its rightful place before going to bed. It means you won’t spend tomorrow tidying up after today.

Declutter toys before birthdays and Christmas

Parents, this is a must. Donate or throw away any old toys that are no longer played with to make room for the new ones which are bound to come.

Deal with post straight away

Nothing is worse than a pile of unopened post sitting on the kitchen side. Open everything straight away; throw away the rubbish, deal with the important stuff, and file the rest.

Clean out the fridge on shopping day, and bin day

You’d be surprised how many things end up living in the fridge way past their sell-by date, simply because we forget that they’re there. Go through your fridge on shopping day and bin day, throwing away anything that is out of date, or won’t be used.

Store things where you use them

Whilst the aim of the game here is to declutter, it also makes sense to store things where you use them. Always find that you get your best ideas whilst watching TV, but have to go to your desk to get a notepad? Keep a pad and paper next to the sofa. Always need scissors when you’re at your desk, but keep them in the kitchen drawer? Buy a second pair to keep in your desk.

Use the 1-minute rule

If it takes less than 1 minute to do a job, do it immediately. This applies to everything, from filing the electricity bill when it arrives to hanging up that skirt that you didn’t wear. These little jobs add up, and will soon mean that you lose an entire Sunday afternoon to them.