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Tip Tuesday – 8 weird ways to make your home smell great

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, May 2017

Between pets, cooking and general life, keeping your home smelling fresh is an on-going battle. Here are 8 of the weirdest ways we’ve found to keep it smelling great all day long.

  1. Hang eucalyptus sprigs in the shower – the heat and steam from the shower will release the natural essential oils
  2. Make your own air freshener with sea salt and citrus rinds – scoop out the insides of lemons and limes and fill the halves with salt. Add cloves or fresh herbs for an added boost
  3. Place a bowl of plain oats in your fridge – the oats will soak up any smells in the fridge
  4. Clip a car air freshener to any vents in your home
  5. Absorb smells in the bin with a newspaper
  6. Fill a bowl with vinegar and place in a room that needs its odours neutralised – perfect for teenage bedrooms!
  7. Use a dryer sheet in luggage or your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh
  8. Remove the smell of cigarette smoke by mixing 4 drops of tea tree, 4 drops of rosemary, 8 drops of lemon and 4 drops of eucalyptus with 1oz of water in a spray bottle, then spray liberally

Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your home smelling nice?