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Tip Tuesday – 10 Ways To Give Your Home Kerb Appeal

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Mar 2017

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to make the neighbours green with envy, we’ve got 10 tips to increase the kerb appeal of your home!

  1. Plant topiary trees in pots
    They are easy to take care of and are an instant way to bring some green into your front garden if it is paved or covered in gravel. Position them on either side of your front door to create pleasing symmetry.
  2. Paint the exterior walls
    If your home’s brickwork is looking tired, a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference to its appearance. Painting external walls will also protect your home against weather damage. Make sure you paint pieces of cardboard with tester pots to see how the colours look at different times of day before you decide on a shade.
  3. Put up outdoor lights
    Outdoor lighting will make your home feel more welcoming when you return home in the evenings. If you have an electrician coming round to update the electrics in your new home, take the opportunity to ask them to wire in a mains-powered wall lantern or a fisherman-style pendant beside your front door. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a quick fix, simply push solar-powered stake lights into flowerbeds for a soft glow after dark.
  4. Plant window boxes
    Soften the appearance of your home by displaying window boxes full of pretty blooms on windowsills. Geraniums, pansies and petunias are all ideal for adding wonderful colour, while tumbling ivy will add depth to your window display. Some window boxes are protected from the rain, so be sure to water them regularly and remove dead flowers and leaves. 

  5. Paint the front door
    Stamp your personality on your home by painting the front door in a fresh shade. It’s better to choose a mild, dry day, rather than a hot summer’s day to paint outdoors. Make sure the weather forecast is dry for the next 24 hours and start this project first thing in the morning, so your door has plenty of drying time.
    Remove all door furniture, sand down the door and fill in any cracks with a quick-drying wood filler. When dry, sand down again, then wash with warm water. Apply an exterior wood primer, and allow to dry for four hours before applying your chosen paint colour. 

  6. Swap curtains for smart shutters
    While curtains and Roman blinds look great in the interior of your property, they don’t add anything to your home’s external appearance. Up your home’s kerb appeal by investing in wooden shutters for the windows at the front of the property. Full-height shutters are ideal for providing privacy bedrooms, while café-style shutters that cover just the lower half of the windows are more suitable for maximising natural light in a living room or dining room. 

  7. Stick on window film
    If the cost of shutters is beyond your budget, try sticking up window film instead. It’s a great alternative to frosted glass, providing privacy from passers-by without blocking out any sunlight. It’s available made to measure, or you can simply buy a roll and cut it to fit the glass in your window. There are lots of designs on the market featuring pretty cut-out motifs and you can even get numbered designs to display your house number in a glazed panel above or beside the front door.

  8. Paint the fence
    If your plot has a perimeter fence, make sure it looks its best by giving it a bit of TLC. Cut or tie back any foliage that touches the fence before you begin, and protect nearby plants by covering them with plastic sheeting. Sand down the fence panels to remove any splinters and create a smooth finish, then apply a primer to increase the lifespan of the wood. Make sure the paint you choose for the top coat has been specially designed for use on wood, as it will have a tougher and more durable wipe-clean finish. 

  9. Buy a bin store
    Keep unsightly wheelie bins and recycling tubs out of sight in your front garden by stowing them inside a bin storage unit. There are plenty of options available in different sizes and finishes, or you could even build your own from timber and paint it to match the colour of your front door. 

  10. Cut the grass and neaten borders
    Keep your front lawn looking healthy by mowing it frequently in the spring and summer months. Smarten up the overall appearance of your plot by creating crisp lines at the edges of your lawn using a spade or edging tool. For an ultra-perfect edge, use hand shears to cut any remaining blades of grass from the edge. Mulch the flowerbeds to prevent the appearance of weeds.