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Radio 1’s LOLathon!

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Mar 2019

Here at the office, we’ve been tuned into Scott Mills & Chris Stark’s LOLathon for Comic Relief. They’ve been live on air for 24 hours, telling joke after joke! We decided to add some humour to our days too, here are our favourite cleaning one-liners..

“I love cleaning up messes that I didn’t make, so I became a mum.”

My room isn’t messy, I just have everything on display. It’s my museum.”

“I first became addicted to soap 3 years ago… but I’m clean now.”

Why did the burglar take a shower? Because he wanted to make a clean getaway”.

And finally, the top pointer with the most giggles..

What do you call a civil rights activists who’s also a shower sponge?Martin Loofah King

I’m here all week!

If you’d like to donate to Comic Relief, text “LOL” to 70205. This will cost £5 and your normal text message charge.