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How does your Garden grow?

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Aug 2018

During this unusual heat wave the UK is experiencing, many of our clients are wondering how on earth they keep their garden healthy with such a lack of rain!? Here’s our top tips courtesy of Country Living online.

1. Put mulch down

Putting a layer of bark or compost mulch down throughout your borders will provide a damp layer of insulation that will lock in well-needed moisture. Don’t forget your pots!

2. Move pots into the shade

Moving your potted plants to the shade might seem obvious, but it’s important! If you don’t have any shady corner, use shade netting to protect them.

3. Water the garden at the right time of day

During a dry spell, water your garden either in the evening or first thing in the morning. If you water them during the hottest point of the day, most of the water will simply evaporate undoing all your hard work!

4. Give more attention to...

Recently established plants need the most water to help them grow, but already established plants can be largely self sufficient throughout a heatwave.

5. Use the right water… and recycle!

The hose pipe ban may have been postponed, but there’s no guarantee they won’t reinstate it! Using water from the water butt is the most natural way to water the garden. But did you know that you can also recycle bath water, once it has cooled, so as not to waste water unnecessarily during a dry spell? 

6. Cut flowers at the right time

Hot days are not the best time to cut flowers from the garden but, if you must, set your alarm and cut them at the crack of dawn (we’re talking 4am) before they flop in the midday heat.