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De-clutter Your Mind!

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Jan 2019

At this time of year, we all need whatever help we can get with remaining happy and upbeat! A clean and tidy environment is said to de-clutter your mind and help with your positive mindset!

Introducing: The One Minute Rule.

It seems so simple to do, but it really does make a huge difference! The idea is to immediately do any tasks that come up if they will take one minute or less to complete. For example, getting up and out of bed and leaving the duvet in a heap on the bed. Take those extra 30 seconds to make the bed and place those unnecessary scatter cushions back on it. If you walk in the door after coming home from work, don’t just kick off your shoes in the living room. Take the extra 20 seconds to place them back in your closet. If you regularly find yourself trying on 3059 dresses for a night out (finally settling for the first) but leave the others in a pile on the floor, take that time to hang them back up.

It really is a game changer. Think of all the mess that could be avoided by applying the one minute rule!