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Well Polished support Ashton 3rd Scouts

by Angela Robbins, Sep 2019

Well Polished Tameside had a special request. A cleaner for Well Polished, Tina, is also Scout Leader for 3rd Ashton Scouts. She told us that not only had 3rd Ashton Scouts celebrated it’s centenary with a book, they are now celebrating a sequel to the book in the Scouts 110th Anniversary! Would Well Polished sponsor the sequel? We were honoured to and we were invited to the book launch with other sponsors (Broadoak Hotel, Meeks Shoes and Rodo) and also in attendance and wearing his woggle was Civic Mayor of Tameside Leigh Drennan. In the book is a letter expressing best wishes and sent from the Queen this was sent by the Queen’s lady-in-waiting. Bear Grylis also sent congratulations.

Once Mayor, scout leaders and sponsors signed the book, we were treated to refreshments. Tina’s son Mark from 3rd Ashton received an award for fund-raising in order to get to scout camp in West Virginia and Nathan from 6th Ashton received an award for his quick thinking when his Grandad and our friend Phil broke his leg on the rocks at Eyemouth whilst fishing. Nathan has been deemed a hero for racing back for a mobile phone and directing the emergency services to his Grandad’s whereabouts!