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Top 10 facts about primroses

by Well Polished Swansea, Apr 2018

April 19 traditionally Primrose Day.marking the death of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli on April 19, 1881. Queen Victoria sent primroses to his funeral.

1.The Queen’s primrose wreath bore a note saying “his favorite flower” but it has never been clear whether she meant Disraeli’s favorite flower or her late husband Prince Albert’s.

2.Every year on April 19th primroses are placed by his statue outside Westminster.

3.In 1883 the political organization the Primrose league was founded in memory of Disraeli.

4.According to an old English superstition, a child who ate a Primrose might see a fairy.

5.In Germany, it was thought that the first girl to find a primrose at Easter would marry that year.

6.Last year primrose came second behind bluebells in a poll to find Britain’s favorite flower.

7.The motto of the Scotish Clan Primrose is Fide et Fiducia ( By Faith and Trust ).

8.Shakespeare introduced the phrase “the primrose path” to signify a lazy and pleasant route through life.

9.The Greeks called the primrose “flower of the gods”.

10.Primroses are edible: the leaves can be used to make tea and wine from early flowers or indeed add leaves to a salad.

Flowers are our greatest silent friend.