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The Legend of the Phoenix, by Year Four Tre Uchaf Primary School

by Well Polished Swansea, May 2019

In a land far away there lived twins, Rose and Archie. They were nine years old and lived in a small wooden cottage in the middle of a massive forest.

The forest used to be beautiful and filled with fruit trees of all kinds. Unfortunately, a spell had been cast over the land and it had been winter for two whole years.

There were no birds any more because they had all migrated to warmer countries and now the land was bare and barren and covered with ice and snow. Sadly, nothing grew and food supplies were getting very low.

Rose and Archie needed to find something or someone to melt the snow and bring back summer.

They decided to go to the library because it was the warmest place they could find.

Rose picked up a heavy, interesting looking book with a bird on the cover. The bird was red and orange with strips of purple on its wings. The book was called “The Legend of the Phoenix.”

“That looks cool,” said Archie.

Rose picked the book up and started to read: “The Phoenix is a magic, immortal bird of fire. It is said that it can melt ice with its fire.”

“Wow, what if it’s not just a legend?” said Archie.

“Maybe this could be what we need,” said Rose.

“Maybe the Phoenix could be our hero!” said Archie. “Where could we find one?”

“It says in the book that it lives in a cave in a mountain,” said Rose.

So off they went in search of the Phoenix.

Rose and Archie set off through the forest at midday. Suddenly, as they reached the crest of the forest, a wolf pounced out at them from behind a big, prickly, thorny hedge. Rose screamed and Archie hid behind a tree; they were so scared.

But the skinny wolf pleaded, “Don’t be alarmed, I don’t want to eat you! It’s too cold in the wild and I’m starving. Can you help me survive?”

“We are on a mission to find the Phoenix and help melt the ice,” said Rose.

“Can I join you on your journey?” begged the wolf.

“Yes please,” said Archie. “We need some help!”

Rose and Archie could see a high, volcanic mountain in the distance above the trees. So they followed the wolf out through the dark, winding forest, across the ice and headed for the warm glow at the top of the smouldering volcano.

Eventually, a very tired Rose and Archie arrived at the foot of the mountain. The wolf led them to a small cave with a large boulder blocking the opening.

The wolf began to push against the boulder with all his might and a gigantic “Hoooowwwwwl.”

The boulder started to roll slowly away. At the same time the volcano made a fierce growl that shook the ground and began to form crackling zigzag cracks all around.

The grey boulder crumbled into tiny pieces of rock. Rose and Archie gasped in fear as they stared at the black, gaping, hollow entrance to the cave.

They walked into the deep, dark cave. They heard a rattling sound of rocks falling from the roof. They had to be quick because the roof was splitting and the cave was breaking apart.

Suddenly they saw an egg lying on a carpet at the back of the cave. A rock was about to fall on the egg, so they rushed to the carpet and jumped onto it.

Rose held the egg tight as the roof started to cave in. At that moment, the carpet lifted itself up and hovered in the air.

Rose and Archie gasped and gripped on to the carpet, cwtching the wolf tightly. Then they saw a hole in the roof, so they decided to try to escape through the gap. There were big boulders falling down and they had to dodge them. They just made it out of the cave as it was collapsing.

Rose and Archie could hear banging, crashing and smashing all around. Then they saw the starry sky and suddenly they were soaring through the air on their way home.

Rose, Archie and the wolf arrived at the cold, dark cottage. Exhausted from their quest and shivering from the icy air, they rubbed their hands by the fire and put the precious treasure into the flames.

Suddenly the egg started to wobble and twitch. Then the beautiful egg opened up to reveal…. A FABULOUS PHOENIX!

Its wings were purple and gold and orange. It winked at the children and flew out of the cottage and into the black frozen sky. It lit up like the brightest firework that the land had ever seen. The heat from the bird melted the snow and ice, and broke the spell of winter.

All the children could see was lovely blue sky; green grass; blossom and fruit appearing on all the trees. The wolf wagged his tail happily.

The land had come back to life.