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The best house plants to clean the air in your home.

by Well Polished Swansea, Apr 2018

Easy to care for, resilient, and a quick way to inject some nature into your house.But did you know they clean your home as well?They can neutralize the chemicals found in furniture, household products, and decorating materials.

So here are a few plants which do all of the above and which rooms they will thrive in.

Red-edged dracaena.

This red-edged, spiky plant is one of the most effective at removing pollutants, including formaldehyde found in wallpaper, and smoke in fireplaces.Best location living room but beware it can grow to 8ft in height!

Snake plant

Snake plants-also know as Mother-in-laws tongue-give out oxygen at night; place one in your bedroom and you’ll breathe better while you sleep.They are also very effective at combating chemicals from the air like formaldehyde.

Barberton daisy

This colorful houseplant battles trichloroethylene ( a chemical found in dry cleaning), which makes it best suited to laundry rooms and bedrooms.Keep it in direct sunlight for tall red,, or pink flowers.

Broadleaf Lady Palm

This houseplant is one of the few to filter out ammonia, a chemical found in cleaning products.Best location is the bathroom, they will thrive with humidity and low light.

Aloe vera

The gel found in this plant is great for treating burns, so keep it in the kitchen, it is also a sun lover so place in full sunlight.It also fights benzene ( found in detergents and plastics ).

Moth orchids

Orchids give off oxygen at night-so they are a great addition to any bedroom, and of course, have wonderful showy flowers.

Chinese evergreen

This tropical plant thrives in low light and humidity; it also fights benzene ( found in detergents ), perfect for the bathroom, be sure to occasionally to mist its leaves if the air is too dry.

So the above is a very short list of houseplants to keep the environment within your home healthy and chemical free.

My relationship with plants becomes closer and closer.They make me quiet; I like to be in their company.

Peter Zumthor