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Swansea half marathon

by Well Polished Swansea, Feb 2018

April again will see the return of the Swansea half marathon and I just thought I would share some training tips to prepare you for the big event from my experience.I like thousands of you will be lining up at the start hoping for that great experience and that super fast time or just to cross the finish line in one piece!Which after all is the main object of the occasion.

First and foremost tip number 1 would be to do that long run to get endurance and basically to become accustomed to running the distance, you need to train the mind and the body to go the distance many runners don’t do this they may run 50 or 60 miles a week but they don’t do that one long endurance run to feel comfortable running the distance.So I would recommend a run of more than 10 miles at say 75% of your race pace.It is the single most important run you will do each week.

Tip number 2 is don’t go off and buy new shoes and wear them at the start you need to wear shoes which are tried and tested time and time again.Shoes which are broken in and comfortable.

Tip 3 is pace yourself don’t get caught up in the experience and race away at the start, stick to the timing splits you have in mind and stick to them this will keep you at an even pace so you won’t exhaustive yourself early on.

Tip 4 Is whatever the weather and the conditions don’t panic have fun remember the main aim is to finish and above all enjoy.I will be there along with the rest of the other athletes chomping at the bit rasing all important funds for charity as well, see you all at the start and of course the finnish, have fun!Onwards and upwards.