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Plantlife on the Gower

by Well Polished Swansea, Feb 2018

As everyone knows who lives in or around the Swansea area is that the Gower is an area of outstanding natural beauty from the breathtaking idyllic beaches to the soaring cliffs that will greet you on each excursion you take.

However, one of the unique features of the Gower is the very broad diversity the landscape offers in such a relatively small peninsula.Which also means plants observed across the British Isles can be found somewhere on the Gower.

You can find an abundance of wildflowers, as beautiful and vibrant as cut gemstones, these treasures will lighten the spirit, not the pocket.Magnificent yet delicate in a myriad of spectacular colors.And forever changing.

Our ancestors held a deep fascination and respect for the wildflowers and herbs not only on the Gower but indeed across the whole of the British Isles.Not only did they bring beauty to the countryside around them, they also provided medicines for their bodies.It makes you wonder just how many plants we take for granted today, have the healing ability of any wonder drug currently available.

This deep held respect and enchantment of wildflowers and herbs gave a degree of respect that now seems sadly lost in the 21st century.Indeed many of the flowers you will encounter across the Gower we now term ‘weeds’ today.And please also remember to not pick wildflowers so they can remain for all to enjoy year after year.As the old saying goes leave nothing but footprints.

You will also find the Gower home to some of the more rarer species such as:

* Common and horay rockroses

* Sea asparagus

*Yellow whitlow grass ( only found on the Gower )


*Rock whitebeam at Crawley cliff

And so the list goes on………….for the time being……..

The next time you are rambling across the Gower take time to marvel at the extreme diverse beauty this part of Wales has to offer, explore the flowers and plants and take a moment to drink in the amazing ever-changing landscape of the Gower.

Or as one well know quote goes.

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.

Maharishi Maheshi Yogi