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Ghosts of Mametz Woods, Welsh poetry.Paul Warren.

by Well Polished Swansea, Mar 2019
On the 7th July 1916 the British attacked
They were the 38th (Welsh) Division not holding back
The Mametz Wood was well defended
With the Germans holding their front they intended 

The German machine guns and shelling started
With the Welsh suffering 400 casualties departed
And the Welsh continued fighting there
With casualties mounting and conditions hard to bare

As with these Western Front the battle petered
 out then
And the Great War finally came to an end
But they say the dead soldiers are still there
With people seeing and hearing them causing a scare

With battle sounds within the Mametz Woods area
And encounters with ghostly soldiers even scarier 
For when death violently occurs 
Some spirits are lost in the turmoil 
And they will not rest in the battlefield soul.