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Flight secrets reveal this shocking fact about the inflight meal.

by Well Polished Swansea, Jul 2018

FLIGHT secrets have revealed this rather surprising fact about the inflight meals found onboard a plane, that will shock many frequent fliers. How long they are made before a flight is much shorter than passengers may realise.

Flight secrets, over the years, have revealed some rather shocking facts about inflight meals such as how many calories they contain and which taste the best.

Some meals can have thousands of calories as they are laden with salt and sugar to allow more flavour.

Unless travelling in business class, inflight meals can often be lacking in substance.

Yet surprisingly, they are much fresher than passengers may have previously thought.

An expert has revealed that the meals are made just hours before a flight.

Chris Birt, Hong Kong Airlines general manager of service delivery, explained the behind the scenes action.

He told Lonely Planet: “As standard practice, catering for a specific flight is prepared by our catering partner within 24 hours of departure.

“The food is stored under strictly-controlled conditions to maintain quality and freshness and delivered to the aircraft directly from the catering unit within two hours of departure.”

This means that the food is often made that same day, so will be much fresher than previously imagined.

Therefore the food, while sometimes lacking in flavour, is at least cooked recently.

For the freshest food, it is advised to go for the bread roll.

They are always baked in the morning so will be the way to ensure the best flavour.

To get the tastiest inflight meal, it all depends on what is chosen.

Dishes that can be better enhanced with flavour over time such as stews are the best option while meats can often dry out.

Some passengers may like the plane food, yet often miss out on it while sleeping.

A number of airlines have their own clever way of making sure passengers are woken up when the food trolley is going past.

Kazakhstan airline Air Astana have an eye mask with two different phrases on it.

On one side, it is green and says “wake me for a meal” in different languages, while the other side is red and says “do not disturb”.

Emirates also has a similar method to help passengers get their meal.

They have stickers with similar phrases that can be stuck to the back of their seat.