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An Ode to Spring

by Well Polished Swansea, May 2019

As the sun breaks shyly from behind the billowing clouds and falls upon the surface of the still lake it splinters into a thousand glittering ,dazzling jewels, twinkling in a frenzy of activity and behold a kingfisher appears from the hidden recesses of the overhanging branches of a withered but noble oak tree and dives supremely into the calm still waters and emerges with its ultimate prize a wriggling and squirming silverfish.

The pinks, yellows, whites, and reds all submerge together almost until they become one entity,and once more I gaze upon the tranquil lake and wonder why and who created this simplistic masterpiece of perfection………and then I stop and think to myself this is my ode to Spring.

Spring, spring, spring what wonders you behold from dawn to dusk I look upon your artistic masterpiece with utter wonder and awe where a kaleidoscope of colors dazzle, so much so that I have to catch my breath repeatedly and wonder again and again…..who created this ode to spring?