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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your State of Mind

by Well Polished Swansea, Oct 2018

From the day we are born, our brain is constantly at work, making new and old connections. It’s important to keep our brain in tip top shape because we need it perform on a daily basis. Here are some tips to help keep our brain and state of mind in top shape!

1. Make your home and work space optimistic. Having an optimistic home and work space will help you have a more positive mindset. One way to do this is to keep pictures of vacations or of happy times around the home and workspace. And change out the pictures every now and then to get some variety and keep you smiling.

2. Express gratitude. Expressing gratitude is something we don’t do as often as we should. Expressing gratitude on a daily basis can help you feel more optimistic.

3. Compliment others. Take the time to compliment others. This will help train your brain to see the good in others and in life.

4. Do a mindfulness meditation. Meditating offers many benefits to help the mind stay clam and relaxed. Meditation can also help you with your outlook on life and help you become more self-aware.

5. Focus for 10 minutes a day. You should always be focusing on your work or the task at hand, but if you find your mind wandering, try focusing on an object for at least 10 minutes a day. If you find your mind wandering, bring it back to that object. This will help increase your attentiveness and help you focus better.

6. Pay attention to body language. If you want to become better at interacting with people and perceiving body language, watch people in public and try to guess their emotion. Pay attention to friends and colleagues and identify the tone they convey based on their body language.

7. Identify emotional triggers. If you want to avoid a certain emotion, it’s important to realize the triggers that cause that emotion. Realizing the emotional triggers can help you stay away from feeling that way and will also help you avoid doing things to trigger your unwanted state.