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Ultimate Cleaning Cupboard Essentials!

by Charlotte Edge, Sep 2019

As crazy as you may think we are, cleaning is one of our favourite things to do! Whether you enjoy cleaning your home or prefer to leave it to the professionals, here are a few of our very favourite cleaning products that we couldn’t live without! 

Antibacterial wipes: As long as it kills 99.9% of bacteria then why does the brand matter? These are great for a quick clean along window sills, desks and even floors!

White wine vinegar: Now this is an all-time favourite of ours. Simply spray it onto shower doors, windows, taps or any surface you want shining and rub it in using a microfibre cloth. White wine vinegar is definitely one of the most versatile products out there. It can also be used on clothing stains and to neutralise odours on clothing!

Bathroom cleaner: This is a cupboard staple! Again, a brand isn’t a big deal, just a preference of ours is that it kills 99.9% bacteria. This can be sprayed on your sink, toilet, shower and bath! All it needs is a quick rub in and a rinse and your bathroom will be sparkling and will smell just as good! 

Bleach: From soaking cloths to putting down the toilet, bleach is a household essential! Bleach is great for cleaning the kitchen sink or even removing mould in the bathroom!

Antibacterial spray: Spray this on kitchen work surfaces, windowsills, cupboard doors…. the list is never ending! This will keep you satisfied that your house is clean!

If you are someone who isn’t a big fan of cleaning, or maybe you struggle to find the time to keep up with all the chores, let us know by clicking here and we will happily send a cleaner from our team to add the Well Polished sparkle to your home!