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Tidy Home = Tidy Mind

by Charlotte Edge, Feb 2020

A tidy home makes for a tidy mind right? At least when your house looks well- presented people will think you have your stuff together! This doesn’t have to mean a big deep clean or throwing all the dirty washing under the bed! Here are a few tips below on how we like to help keep our homes looking tidy.

  1. Put any dirty washing straight into the laundry basket, don’t leave it lying on the floor.
  2. Make your bed! As soon as you roll out of it, plump up the pillows and neaten the quilt!
  3. Fold towels in the bathroom, this does more than you may think as it creates a neat and tidy looking room.
  4. Use baskets or boxes! They are a great way to keep things that you don’t want on display quickly hidden! Use a basket for all the post in your house or a basket for all your chargers, dog’s toys and even all the odds and ends. Besides, everything looks better in a basket!
  5. Put all dirty dishes and cups straight into the dishwasher, this keeps the kitchen worktops clear.
  6. Put clean washing away straight away! Don’t leave it sat in your room for weeks!
  7. Put all shoes in the cupboard as soon as you kick them off, don’t let them block your doorway. Same for coats, hang them straight up!
  8. If you have a pet ensure that their bed is made and their toys are neatly away, not all over the house!
  9. Ensure that everything in your house has a home, that way once you get it out you know where it needs to go back. 
  10. If you have a fruit bowl or a sweet bowl, keep it topped up. This will give the impression you are organised and creates a welcome feeling!

These few tricks will help you keep your home tidy and having a tidy house doesn’t have to be an enormous task if you keep on top of it, bit by bit! Happy tidying!