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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning The Fridge!

by Charlotte Edge, Nov 2019

Cleaning the fridge is a job we keep putting off, after all it isn’t much fun! We have put together a few top tips which should make cleaning the fridge a little easier!

  1. Work with one section at a time, working from the top to the bottom. Although this may seem obvious it really helps you clean thoroughly! Remove all the food from that one shelf/drawer and clean it bit by bit.
  2. Any drawers or shelves that can be removed take them out and soak them in the sink in warm soapy water. 
  3. Fill up a bowl with warm water with a small drop of washing up liquid. Use a cloth to wipe over the inside of the fridge. Do not use cleaning sprays inside the fridge, although these may kill bacteria they can often leave a smell which can transfer on to your food. 
  4. Clear out the food as you go, place food that needs to be eaten at the front and fresher stuff at the back. Get rid of anything that may have seen better days now!
  5. Keep your fridge organised by allocating certain shelves for certain foods, this way you will know what you have got and what you are running low on. Also keep raw meat away from cooked meat to stop any bacteria spreading.
  6. Use a cotton bud to clean in between the seals on the fridge doors.
  7. You can also purchase odour neutralisers, such as ‘croc odors’ to sit in your fridge which eliminates strong odours and stops them ruining other food.
  8. If you still really don’t want to have to clean the fridge why not click here to let one of our ‘Well Polished’ cleaners do it for you as part of your weekly clean?

Hopefully these few tips will help keep your fridge clean and fresh and make the job a little bit easier!