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The Essential Guide To Cleaning Your Shower Doors!

by Charlotte Edge, Sep 2019

Water marks building up on shower doors are a constant battle! You don’t want guests using the bathroom and seeing the water marks engrained on the shower doors that have been there for years! So we have created a list to help lift those tough stains!

Viakal – Using this helps remove water marks and limescale but also helps prevent them! Simply spray it on the shower doors and rub it in with a sponge. This needs to be used regularly to help keep the marks at bay!

Bar keepers friend – For tougher stains, that are a lot harder to shift, use this cream cleaner with a sponge, you may have to leave it for a few minutes to really let it work. All that’s left is to rinse it off.

White wine vinegar – This will become your new best friend! After you have cleaned the shower doors, spray the inside and outside with white wine vinegar and buff in with a microfibre cloth. Now just admire the results!

The best way to not have to scrub your shower doors is to prevent the water marks building up by: 
-Keep a squeegee in the shower to wipe down the doors after every use!
-Use a shower door spray which can be found in most cleaning aisles, simply spray on the shower doors after each use and leave it to work!