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Indoor Easter Fun!

by Charlotte Edge, Apr 2020

This Easter may be very different to how all of us had planned, but that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t enjoy ourselves. After all, we have the perfect excuse to spend some time together at home! Here we have created a few ideas of some fun things to do as a family whilst we stay safe in our homes.

Egg Hunt- All you’ll need is a pack of individually wrapped eggs, then hide them around your house or garden and give each of the kids a bag to collect them. As soon as they have all been found switch roles and get the kids to hide them for the adults! When the hunting is over, start eating and Enjoy!

Easter Nests- Make some very quick and tasty chocolate Easter nests by:

  1. Melting 150g of your favourite chocolate
  2.  Add in 100g of Rice Crispies, enough so that they are all coated in chocolate, add more if required.
  3. Add a couple of spoonfuls of your chocolate rice cripsies into cake cases and refrigerate until completely set. 
  4. Finish off with a mini egg on top!

DIY Decorations- Get making some decorations for your egg hunt! With lots of printable designs on the internet there are many to pick from. Or make a ‘Happy Easter’ banner to display in your window for all your neighbours to see! Or as we can’t see all our family this Easter why not make them a card? Get as creative as you like with anything you can find in the house. 

Easter Baskets– Fill an empty basket with tissue paper and pile in all the chocolate eggs! Decorate with mini fluffy chicks & Easter bunnies and anything else you fancy!

Decorate An Easter Egg- A great idea if you love to get creative! We have explained how to do this using real eggs, but if you would prefer you can use polystyrene ones- just skip to the decorating!

  1. Use a pin to make a very small circle of pin prick holes on the egg shell.
  2. Push this hole through using the pin.
  3. Insert a cocktail stick and mix the egg to break the yolk.
  4. Shake the egg out of the hole or rinse it with water if you do not want to use the egg!
  5. Wash the egg shell thoroughly with water and soap but be very careful so it doesn’t break!
  6. Now use pens, paints & paper to decorate your egg shell exactly how you fancy! 

Make the most of your family time. Stay home & stay safe! And of course, HAPPY EASTER!