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How To: Clean Your Wooden Furniture

by Charlotte Edge, Mar 2020

When cleaning our wooden furniture, we all give it a polish and think job done. But polish on wooden furniture can build up over time. Every time we go to polish something that polish leaves a layer on the top, so sometimes we need to strip it down.

When we need to give the wood a good clean, we like to use a liquid polish such as pledge. Mix this with some water and use a cloth to clean the furniture. You will be amazed at what this removes! It cleans all the dirt and build-up of polish. The cloth needs to be damp, not soaking, as this can ruin the wood.

On the days where it just needs a quick dust use a damp microfibre cloth to remove dust, having it damp means that the dust is collected in the cloth rather than being flicked around! Ensure that the cloth you use is fully clean as any dust or grit can cause scratches on the wood. 

Do not over use polish, if you only need to remove dust polish isn’t always necessary. Over using polish can make the wood appear dull!

These few suggestions could help maintain your wooden furniture to make it last for many years!