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How To Be Savvy With Your Storage

by Charlotte Edge, Jun 2020

Space is limited, so use it wisely. Being Savvy with your storage means putting your space to a good use. Here we have put together some ideas on how to make the best use of your space!

  • Buy a hanging shoe holder to hang on the back of your cupboard door, put all your shoes in here and have your cupboard space free!
  • Keep your shopping bags in the boot of the car rather than filling the cupboard up with them. After all, we seem to always forget to bring them out shopping with us so keeping them in the boot will mean we don’t need to buy anymore.
  • Get rid of packaging. This is a really simple one, take your food out of the cardboard/ plastic box it came in. Have a box for all your cereal bars, pasta, fruit, even the dogs treats. You can see how much space can be saved if we got rid of the unnecessary packaging.
  • Have regular clear outs. We know this isn’t anyone’s favourite task to do but getting rid of the stuff you no longer need makes room for any new stuff!
  • Use vacuum bags. These are a great way to pack away things that you don’t need handy all the time! You could put in there your spare duvet set, your summer/winter wardrobe, spare towels etc. They really do shrink down to a very compact size to hide away somewhere!
  • If you have drawers, try rolling your clothes rather than folding them. You will find you will be able to fit more into the drawers. Just remember to hang clothes that easily crease!

These few ideas will really help you claim back some of your space!!