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How Often Do You Clean Your Hairbrush?

by Charlotte Edge, Jun 2020

Did you know that you should clean your hairbrushes at least once every two weeks?! …. We are guessing that they are due a good clean, right? Follow a few simple steps to freshen up your hairbrushes!

  1. Remove all hair from your brushes by pulling it out or using a comb to help if needed.
  2. Fill up the sink with warm water and shampoo, give it a mix to create some bubbles!
  3. Pop in your hairbrushes and leave them to soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Using a toothbrush, clean in between all the bristles to help lift any stuck on product.
  5. If the product is hard to lift, mix together a tablespoon of baking powder and ½ a cup of white wine vinegar and use this to help lift the dirt! White wine vinegar will also act as a disinfectant.
  6. Rinse the brushes thoroughly under warm water to remove any product.
  7. Leave the brushes to dry thoroughly!

Now you can brush your freshly washed hair with a clean hairbrush- it really is the little things in life!