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Get The Kids Cleaning!

by Charlotte Edge, May 2020

We are pretty certain that you do not want to do all the cleaning yourself, right? Well why not get your little ones involved whilst you pop your feet up! Getting them to help with the chores around the house will not only help you out but will also teach them some life skills! Here are a few ways to make cleaning seem more fun for your kids!

Timer- Give your kids a job to get done within a certain time. E.g put all the toys away in the box in 2 minutes. Get them to try and beat the clock!

Short and sweet- Don’t build your hopes up that your kids are going to deep clean the whole house with you… it won’t happen! But a quick 10 minute clean will keep them engaged.

Rewards- Make sure your kids know that they will get a reward if they work hard. Make the reward something that they actually want! E.g a family movie night. Or use the rewards as hide and seek game, so as they do the jobs around the house, they can get rewarded as they go!

Friendly competition- Make tidying up a game! See who can wash the most dishes in 5 minutes or who can put the most books on the shelf in 2 minutes. This will be sure to get them to want to do a good job!         

Have fun- Make the cleaning or tidying up a fun experience! Let them use lots of bubbles when washing up or let them have a boogie when dusting!

Music- Having a great playlist running when we need to clean gets us moving so it’s sure to have the same effect on the kids!

Hopefully, these few ideas will help you get your little ones to help you around the house!

Happy cleaning!