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Can You Have A Clean Home When You Have A Pet Pooch?

by Charlotte Edge, Oct 2019

Here at Well Polished Sutton Coldfield we love our pets and couldn’t live without them! But one thing that really gets on pet owners nerves is when people claim that your house must be dirty because you have a pet- how wrong they are!
Here are a few tips which we have put together to help keep your house fresh and clean if you do have a furry friend!

  • Wash their beds regularly! As obvious as it sounds sometimes it isn’t something high on the priority list when it comes to washing. Most fabric beds can be put in the washing machine with some detergent and they will come out smelling lovely! If your pet has a plastic bed give it a wipe round with a pet friendly antibacterial wipe or disinfectant.
  • Put fresh blankets on your dogs bed. You wouldn’t sleep in dirty sheets so why would you let your dog? 
  • Use Dettol antibacterial spray over your dogs bed. Yes- this can be used over pets bedding! This will kill bacteria and freshen up their bed.
  • Toys! This again is something that seems to get forgotten. Stick any fabric toys in the washing machine for a quick freshen up.
  • Have a plug in air freshener or reed diffuser near your pets bed.
  • Give your pooch a pamper! Every so often give them a bath or a good brush with some doggy body mist!

All these things done regularly will help keep the doggy aroma at bay!