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A Simple Guide To A Sparkly Sink!

by Charlotte Edge, Aug 2020

What’s better than something that sparkles!? We all love to have a sparkly sink and luckily for you we have created our ultimate guide to help you achieve a super clean sink and it really is quite simple!

  1. Do any washing up before you polish your sink to ensure you can enjoy your sparkly sink for as long as possible!
  2. Ensure any cloths that you are going to use are clean.
  3. Use your favourite sink cleaning product, we like to use an antibacterial spray. Give the sink a good scrub to get rid of any build-up of food and stains. Don’t forget to give the draining board a really good clean too!
  4. For any really stubborn marks or stains use ‘The Pink Stuff’ with a sponge to help shift these!
  5. Rinse any cleaning products that you have used away.
  6.  Spray your taps with Viakal, this stops the limescale building up around them. Leave this to work for a couple of minutes and then give it a rub in and then rinse thoroughly.
  7. Pour down the sink a cupful of soda crystals, leave this for 30 minutes then pour a boiled kettleful of water down! This will help get rid of any grease built up in the pipes.
  8.  Using a microfibre cloth buff the draining board, sink and taps to get rid of any water marks. This should make your sink sparkle!
  9. If your taps need an extra sparkle use a little white wine vinegar with the microfibre cloth and watch them gleam!

Now stand back and admire the results, it really is quite satisfying!