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Prepare Your Home this Christmas

by Geri Stoke, Nov 2019

1. Clear out the clutter.

Before you start decking the halls, set asidea day or two to declutter your home. Check rooms, shelves, and surfaces and put away the things you no longer use or want to display. Decluttering helps create more space for holiday décor and makes it easier for you to visualize your decorating ideas.

2. Keep an orderly Kitchen

Christmas usually involves a lot of cooking and baking, and an organized kitchen helps keep things running smoothly. Make sure that essential kitchen tools, utensils, and cookware are thoroughly clean and within easy reach.

Check that the oven, stove, microwave, food processor, and dishwasher are in good working condition, and repair or replace any faulty appliance before you need to use it. Scan the fridge and dispose of stale or expired items to make room for freezer-friendly treats that you can make ahead of time.

3. Set Up the celebration space

Whether it’s the living room, dining room, or den, every home has a designated space where most of the holiday festivities take place. Assess your area and find the perfect spot for your Christmas tree. Don’t hesitate to rearrange, replace, or remove furniture to give your seasonal centerpiece the space it deserves.

4. Inspect your Christmas Tree

No matter if you plan to re-use your current Tree or buy a new one, it’s always a good idea to inspect it a few weeks before setting up. Look for loose branches and make sure all the lights are functioning properly. Checking early gives you time to troubleshoot or request for replacement parts. Do the same for your Christmas wreaths, garlands, or swags.

5. Play the perfectly prepared Host

The holiday season may mean more visitors in your home enjoying the celebration. Don’t be unprepared when it comes to the items needed to entertain your seasonal guests. Stock up on snacks and make sure you have plenty of serving bowls.

If you are hosting a large dinner party and plan to serve mulled wine or apple cider, check that you have more than enough glasses  in case of unexpected company.

6. Make it warm and cozy.

A cozy home provides welcome relief from the hectic holiday pace. Create a relaxing scene by arranging flameless candles on the mantel, coffee table, or in any area where conversations can take place. For a quick touch of warmth and texture, drape a plush throw blanket over your couch or try dressing up your Christmas tree with a tree skirt

7. Liven up the outside

Make your home more inviting by complementing your Christmas wreath with a host of festive decorations. Try flanking your front entrance with a pair of pre-lit topiaries or arranging rustic LED lanterns on the steps or landing. Lush artificial garlands may be wrapped around posts and railings, or fixed along the door frame with garland hangers or removable fasteners.

For many, Christmas is a time for snowy porches and ice-covered walkways. Prepare for the increased foot traffic by clearing all paths of snow and debris. To help keep floors clean and guests on their feet, place a thick, slip-resistant mat outside the front door and a thinner one inside.