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Oatcake Man – The Defender of Stoke

by Geri Stoke, Sep 2018

Six-year-old Luke Connell was just an ordinary schoolboy at one time. He attended lessons, did his homework and played with his friends.

Until one day, a great power was thrust upon him. And, as we all know, with great power, comes great responsibility. That responsibility was protector of the people of Stoke-on-Trent, by making them aware of a more protein and vitamin E rich form of bread. By day, he is an ordinary young lad. By night, he becomes Oatcake man.

Luke attends an annual taste test of oatcakes from various shops and uses the leftovers as material which he turns into the formidable vigilante.

The plain-flour paladin has the power of bacon and cheese: a power I’m sure we’d all enjoy.

Despite his notoriety amongst some of the vilest villains, Luke does not seem worried about his true identity being out there. He is going into year two very soon and it remains to be seen what his plans are next.

Will his new school year urge him to give up the crime fighting life? Or will he continue to protect the city of Stoke from low iron and calcium levels? After all, he is the hero we want but do not deserve. The Ally of the Oats. The Griddled Guardian. The Yeast Knight.