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8 Cool summer cleaning tips!

by Geri Stoke, Jul 2018

1. eliminate exhaustion (with an extractor fan)

Save yourself the time and exhaustion of scrubbing stubborn shower mold and mildew— prevent it in the first place. Simply keep your bathroom extractor fan running while you take a bath or shower, and for 30 minutes afterward.

2. stop dirt in its tracks

The best home investment in summer, bar none, is a sturdy nylon mat. A no-shoes rule also helps cut down on dirt.

3. go scrubless

Use a shower cleaner that does the work for you! Spray it daily to prevent the build up of lime scale, soap scum, and grime with no scrubbing needed. Simply spray and walk away, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your summer!

4. go on mirror patrol

Mirrors constantly fog up and collect dust and grime in the summer due high humidity. Make the rounds a couple times each week and clean all glass surfaces in one fell swoop!

5. sequester scrap paper

Summer homes accumulate paper of all kinds—extra bills, receipts, souvenirs, etc. Using folder such as ring binder makes organization a breeze. If your house is crowded with kids’ artwork, transition it to a plastic box for long-term storage. Be sure to mark the bag with your child’s name and year.

6. filter the dust, not the breeze

 If you like the windows open for that cool summer breeze, use window filters that keep airborne particulates and dust out of your house.

7. outsmart smelly bin cans

Avoid bin odors, which are even worse in the summer heat, by storing extra liners on the bottom of your bin to protect against spills and leaks. Summer’s also a great time to spray down rubbish bins outdoors with a hose and a little dish soap—multitask and do it when you wash your car.

8. ditch the dishes

Traditional dishware, that is. You can spend more time enjoying summer parties and less time doing dishes when you use paper dishware for your gatherings.