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A slight change of name and a new recruit.

by Angela Robbins, Jan 2017

We are expanding and looking forward to working with both new clients and new cleaners, we have also changed our name (slightly).

In May 2014 when I first started up my Well Polished I was very lucky in finding a good cleaner for a good friend. I then posted leaflets and advertised to find more clients, most clients came from referrals. As the business became more successful matching clients and cleaners required more than just personal contacts, leaflets and traditional advertising. Attracting good cleaners and then finding good clients to introduce them to involved using modern media. Many clients found us by Googling, even those who were referred would look us up on Google to find our web address and contact details. For this reason, we have changed our name from ‘Well Polished AUL’ to ‘Well Polished Stockport’. The thinking behind this is that Stockport is the closest identified centre to most of our clients and so fits well with Google search. I still live in Ashton Under Lyne, our office address is still in Oldham. We will still travel out from there to our clients and cleaners in Glossop, Saddleworth, Poynton and Bramhall and the other areas where we are active. As we have grown we attract new cleaners for different areas just as we find new clients in different areas but we also have both clients and cleaners from our first weeks way back in 2014. As we continue to grow and expand my husband Bruce will be playing a more active role in the business, under my direction of course.