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Organising your Bookshelves

by Well Polished South West London, Jul 2019

Organising your bookshelves is one of those tasks that seems daunting at first, but actually turns out to be quite enjoyable and very rewarding if done properly. Here are a few ways you could organise them, both aesthetically and orderly:

  • Alphabetically: The classic. This is both practical and tends to produce a nice looking, busy bookshelf. However, we’re pretty bored of this method, so lets look at some others.
  • By colour: Now this may not actually be the most practical way of organising long term, but it will look very good!
  • Separate paperback from hardback: This is probably the least time consuming, but if you’re concerned with separating the most and least expensive books you own, this is probably the way forward.
  • By genre/subject: This will almost certainly be the most time consuming, however probably the most rewarding long term. Say you want to read a crime thriller: Well, there they all are! Or say your romcom section is looking a bit sparse? You can see exactly how many you have and stock up!
  • By whether or not you have read them: This one is for the avid readers among us. You can proudly move one piece of literature to the other shelf after completion and I bet it’ll feel pretty good when you notice there are more in the ‘read’ section rather than in the ‘not read’ section!