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Travel Essentials

by Well Polsihed Southend-on-Sea, Aug 2017

Lucky enough to be going away this summer? whether its to an exotic holiday resort or a trip down to the caravan with the kids – We have your travel essential guide sorted!

1. Large bag to travel with (which can double up as your beach bag)

2. Passport (If your going out the country)

3. Phone

4. Currency or credit card

5. Phone charger

6. Lip salve

7. Moisturiser (under 100 ml if flying )

8. Flip flops or walking shoes

9. Book/Kindle (which you probably won’t read all holiday)

10. Snacks (Kids always get hungry)

11. Sunglasses (If your lucky enough to be in the sun)

12. Camera

13. Insect bite cream/repellent

14. Suncream

15. Wet wipes