Cleaning Touch-Screen Gadgets

by Jason Campbell, Jan 2020

Touch screen gadgets can be quite difficult to clean, as many people do not know how to start or what to use. The myth is that, because it is a touch screen, it must be more easily damaged by external factors. While this isn’t necessarily true, we will tell you here how to properly clean your touch screen electronics.

  • Create a 50-50 mix between white vinegar and distilled water. Spray the mixture onto a microfibre cloth and rub the screen. Touch screens are actually more durable that LCD monitors, so you can afford to press reasonably hard (obviously don’t press too hard)
  • For disinfecting purposes, certain products can be cleaned with a small amount of isopropryl alcohol. However, check what the manufacturers say about this before use (for example, Apple recommends not using this on their products).
  • If your touch screen device is filled with dust and gunk, you may have to open up the internals and give it a deeper clean. To do this, we would recommend removing the battery if possible and using a cotton swab dampened ever so slightly with water.