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Potential major development plans ahead for Shrewsbury

by Joanne Tracey, Oct 2018

The chartered surveyors, Berry’s, has announced their plans to build between 250 – 300 new homes, a business park and care facilities on the edge of Shrewsbury, in Bicton. The proposal has been put forward to Shropshire Council’s.

Planning consultant Helen Howie has estimated that the houses will take up around 13.7 hectares, with remaining space for employment and care. She has also said that there will be 3.7 hectares of public space.

The plan was due to go to Shropshire council cabinet for consideration in October, however it has been pushed back to November 7th.

However, the plans have been criticised by councillor and chairman of the Parish Council, Richard Brett. He has said that residents are not opposed to the plans, but that they have to be sustainable. He argues that Bicton does not have the infrastructure to cope with hundreds of extra homes. He said:

“Because we have a bus that comes once an hour, a petrol station and two public houses, suddenly in their eyes were a metropolis.”

The plans will be presented to Shrewsbury Town council on October 30th. We will have to wait until then to see what the final decision will be.