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Cleaning with Pets

by Joanne Tracey, Jul 2016

“Hair Today Gone Tomorrow”

There’s nothing nicer to give you that welcome back feeling than arriving home to the family dog. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you have had, a dog will always be pleased to see you! And apparently stroking your dog is one of the most relaxing things you can to do as it can have a real calming effect that help alleviate stress.

However, there are times when a dog may be the cause of stress! Especially when you arrive home to find tufts of hair on the carpets and furniture. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the couch and finding that you are covered in hairs. Although there are things you can buy to remove the hairs such as a clothes roller, the best option would be to keep the hairs to a minimum in the first place by making a few simple changes.

For instance, why not try getting your pet professionally groomed on a regular basis? And on those occasions where you are grooming your pets yourself, you could try doing this out in the open on one of your walks- just pop a brush in your pocket and away you go! You could also try limiting the rooms you allow your pet into. Perhaps resist letting your pet go upstairs into the sleeping areas. And keep pets off the furniture at all times!

If you are considering getting a dog for the first time and don’t want the excess hair that comes with it, why not consider a non-malting breed such as Yorkshire Terriers or Bichon Frise?