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We Love Our Cleaners

by Suzanne Ridgeway, May 2020

One of the great things about Well-Polished Sheffield is the great relationship which we have built up with our cleaners.  We know how important it is to have someone in your home that you can trust and be responsible to do a fantastic job and it’s great to work with such a committed group of individuals who are so dedicated to doing a fantastic job.

Day to day it’s the job of Well-Polished Sheffield to be the matchmaker between our band of cleaners and our fab clients to ensure that the cleaner knows what is expected by the client.

There is a beginning point where we go through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure all cleaners are just right to deliver the Well-Polished service which includes a step by step process

  • Step 1 – In depth application via job sites
  • Step 2 – Initial detailed phone screening to create a short list of suitable Well-Polished candidates
  • Step 3 – Detailed Well-Polished application form
  • Step 4 – Face to face interview and ID verification checks
  • Step 5 – Two years’ worth of references which are thoroughly checked

Then they join the team and we work together to ensure that we not only meet the clients needs and deliver a clean beautiful home time and time again but also the cleaner’s needs are met in terms of hours and days they wish to work

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