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Top Tips July 2019

by Well Polished Sevenoaks, Jul 2019
  1. Flowers too short for the vase. Scrunch up the clear cellophane they came wrapped in and pop it in the bottom of the vase.
  2. Baby oil is great for cleaning brushed stainless steel.
  3. Place a sheet of greaseproof paper on the top of your kitchen cupboards. No more scrubbing the greasy dust just replace them with new sheets.
  4. Cut off the top half of an empty plastic milk carton, making sure you leave the handle intact for a handy paintbrush holder.
  5. Take photos of your luggage just before you embark to prove it was in good condition.
  6. When you oil diffuser has finished, place the sticks on the radiator for another few weeks of use.
  7. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on a damp cloth and wipe over your surfaces. It will keep spiders and ants at bay.
  8. Planning an extension, consider moving your washing machine and tumble dryer upstairs to where you take off your clothes.
  9. A full body application of sunscreen is approx. 35ml. That’s 6 applications from a 200ml bottle.
  10. Try olive oil drizzled ice-cream with balsamic strawberries.
  11. Bring steak up to room temperature before cooking.
  12. If your steak doesn’t sizzle on the BBQ, its not hot enough. Remove the steak and wait for it to heat up.
  13. Never leave wine in the sun.
  14. Wine rule 20/20 Part 1. Take white wine out of the fridge 20 mins before drinking.
  15. Wine rule 20/20 Part 2. Put lighter fruitier reds in the fridge for 20 mins before you serve.
  16. Cool wine quicker by putting the bottle in water with ice.
  17. Pierce right through the stem of tulips to keep the heads from drooping.
  18. Elastic bands on the edges of coat hangers stop clothes slipping off.
  19. A fridge needs to be kept at a temperature of between 0° and 5°C.
  20. -18°C in a freezer gives the perfect balance between energy efficiency and food preservation.
  21. Every 6 months you should run you dishwasher with a dishwasher cleaner on a hot cycle.
  22. You can improve the water marks on glasses in the dishwasher by adjusting the dial on the rinse aid.
  23. Store sets of bedding together in a pillow case.
  24. Washing clothes inside out reduces the wear and tear on the fabric.
  25. Putting a mobile phone into airplane mode reduces the amount of time needed to charge.
  26. Put slices of lemon into an ice cube tray, add water and freeze ready for a G&T.
  27. Denture cleaning tablets remove the tea stains inside cups.
  28. A couple of tablespoons of salt added to boiling water make a great weed killer.
  29. Old toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning nooks and crannies.
  30. Rub a candle over the teeth of a stuck zip.
  31. Soak you BBQ or oven racks in regular washing powder overnight to loosen baked on food.
  32. Vinegar and baking soda clear a blocked drain.
  33. Vinegar in a dish will remove the smell of cigarette smoke.
  34. An onion cut in half absorbs the smell of fresh paint.
  35. Running your hands over the carpet wearing rubber gloves picks up stray hairs.