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How to launder like a Pro

by Well Polished Sevenoaks, Jul 2019


A good bra can make all the difference to your appearance and confidence.

Hand washing is best – pour specialist delicate fabric detergent into warm water and leave the bra to soak for an hour. Gently rub through then rinse and leave to air dry, placing the centre of the bra over the washing line (hanging by the strap can stretch it).

If you machine wash, place the bra in a mesh bag so its straps and hooks don’t catch on other garments. Use specialist detergent as with handwash, with the machine on a delicates programme, only adding similar items (heavy ones such as jeans and towels can damage underwire). Air dry as before.


Before washing check for any stains, especially around the collar and armpits, and pre-treat the stain by rubbing some detergent into the area or using a specialist stain remover. Wash on the delicates cycle then air dry on a hanger if you’ve time, or use a similar programme to tumble dry. Remove from the drier while still slightly damp to reduce wrinkles

Beautiful Bedding

Wash on the highest temperature the fabric can take to kill all the tiny dust mites that thrive in bedding. Hang the bedding out to dry on a washing line – sunshine is a natural disinfectant and will also brighten any white sheets. Ironing will kill any remaining germs and mites.