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Valentine’s Day

by Sarita Gill, Feb 2019

How is it that Valentine’s day comes around so fast each year?

What have you got planned for your loved one? Dinner out? Movies? Bunch of flowers? Or are you luckily enough to be jetting off somewhere romantic? Or are you still waiting for the prefect man/woman to bump trolleys with you at the local supermarket?

Whatever your plans are I’ll be at home with my partner having dinner for 2 (like we do every night), but one that would be great is his enthusiasm to do his share of the cleaning.

On a daily basis we go back and forth about when he will do his bit, (just to point out, I have to remind him to out on his laundry each week!)

Even though we have a regularly cleaner (and without her I would lose my mind) he still fails to know the exact location of where the bin is. Each time he has to open something – parcel, letter or present, he loves to leave it on the dresser in the guest room (even though the bin is right next to it).

Does your partner do things that you wish could change this Valentine’s day? Or would you like them to clean more? Or even know where the hoover is kept? 

Whatever you wish for drop them a hint and get a helping hand of a cleaner – this may be the best gift you get this Valentine’s day.