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Spring is in the air

by Sarita Gill, Apr 2019

Now with the weather finally picking up, we should be looking forward to spending time with family and soaking up the sun. Many am sure many still juggle the day to day challenges of work, kids, cooking and cleaning but instead try something from our top 10 things you can do with family this spring/summer.

1 – Have a BBQ

2 – Go for a walk

3 – Take your dog to the park (if you done have one or ask your neighbours if you can borrow there’s)

4 – Go to the theme park

5 – Sunbath (for added privacy do this in your own garden)

6 – Do the gardening

7 – Go to the beach

8 – Have a picnic 

9 – Have a pool party

10 – Call Well Polished and get your cleaner to do all the housework!