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Mothering Sunday

by Sarita Gill, Mar 2019

As Mothers day looms close we all take out time from our busy day to remind our special lady (our mother) how much she means to us. We can honour the day to our mothers for all the wonderful things they have done for us. 

It’s a great time of year and even though we should appreciate her every day it’s nice to dedicate the whole day to your mother. Considering how popular the day and that how retail stores love to take our money its oddly not a bank holiday and it exactly 3 weeks before Easter.

It’s fair to say all café’s and restaurant’s will be packed so do make sure you book a table in advance or better still stay in and do the cooking for her. 

Fun fact – 

Did you know that the US has a different Mothers Day to us in the UK? In fact there are several countries across the globe that celebrate this on different days. 

I love Mother’s Day – mum always loves to receive a bunch of flowers and usually I get these delivered if am working and a nice lunch out. But how much is the right about to spend on flowers? With flowers costing from £3.00 to £55.00+ a bouquet where do you draw the line? I’ve always been in two minds, even though I love flowers I do think spending a lot of money on them can be a waste, I mean after 10 days they start to wilt. With all the hype about bettering flowers each year am sure I should be on bouquets costing £10k but that’s not going to happy. 

How about really showing your mum how much she means for you and you offer to clean the house. I beat you any money this will mean more to her then any bunch of flowers.

Now am not saying do a full-on spring call (call your Well Polished cleaner and get that booked in) but here’s a few things you can do

  • Hoover around
  • Load the washing machine
  • Dust the lightings
  • Take away any cobwebs from the corners of the rooms
  • Organise her pantry or simply 
  • Make her a cooked meal – and wash up afterwards! 

Whatever you decide to do with your mother this year have a good one.