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“How was your weekend?”

by Sarita Gill, Feb 2019

Don’t you just hate this question when you return back to work on a Monday. I mean its polite to ask but how do you answer….”oh yes we went to the Eiffel Tower for afternoon tea”, “we went to Tiffany’s for lunch”, “oh yes we had a lovely BBQ and a friendly game of rounders with family”

Truth is you were at home doing all your weekly clean!

You spent Friday night watching TV after dinner doing your ironing, Saturday doing all the house work – Cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the toilet, and changing the beds sheets and on Sunday you did you weekly food shop before slaving over a roast dinner for all your family (oh and then you had to wash up!)

If this is, you then get onto Well Polished straight away and get your life back. Life isn’t about spending your day off doing household chores, instead let us help you do more important things. And who knows maybe you could get bragging rights to say you had afternoon tea in Paris.