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How getting a cleaner helped me to lose over 3 stone!

by Sarita Gill, Feb 2019

Think you can’t justify getting a cleaner? Think that the only difference they will make will be to your home? Think again!

I went from being a size 20 to size 14 with a help of cleaner. Not because they made food for me or miraculously thinned my thighs. They freed my time which allow me to focus on ME.

Having a regular cleaner gave me to encouragement I needed to start working out. I stopped making excuses like “I can’t go for a workout because the blinds need cleaning”. I had the realisation that the free time I’ve bought back into my life could be better used to improving my health.

Now, on a weekly basis, my partner and I are able to make the most of our time together and go for incredible walks. We’ve covered some serious distance since Sept 2018 and plan to keep this going throughout 2019.

Watch this space for other updates on our new walking adventures.