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Homeowners cleaning up their homes before the cleaners arrives.

by Sarita Gill, Feb 2019

Do you dread the cleaner coming in each week knowing that your home is mess? Is there dirty underwear lurking around on the bathroom floor or worst still hairs in places that even make you cringe!.

We live in a world where appearance is important but over the years its moved from not just what we look like but that of our home. 

How many of you clean the home before you weekly cleaner arrives? Do you load the dish washer with dirty dishes from the last 3 days? Or throw all your dirty clothes into drawers or bottom of your bed’s.

Honestly its ok we don’t mind the mess, as your cleaner we don’t judge nor sit around drinking coffee each talking about what we’ve seen – you’ll be pleased to know what we have the same issues in our own homes. 

Here’s a few tips that can help you overcome these fears;

  1. Clear up your dishes after each meal
  2. Place worn clothes into the laundry basket
  3. If you feel compelled to clean set yourself a timer, 3-5 minutes max.
  4. Bin out of date food from the fridge daily – it will help your kitchen smelling nicer for longer. 

Sit back, relax and let your cleaner take away the worries of your cleaning – I mean that’s what we’re there to do.