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Use These Top Cleaning Tips from Professional Housekeepers

by Crista Sanderson, Jun 2019

You cannot beat the look and feel of your home after a professional deep cleaning. Once you have had a deep clean of your home done, it can be very easy for you to keep on top of your cleaning tasks and keep your sparkling results maintained for longer if you follow these top tips recommended by professional housekeepers.

By following these top cleaning tips you will be able to manage the way you clean your home better and get positive results. You will also be able to keep your cleaning costs down with some of these professional tips and advice. How amazing is that!

Have the Right cleaning tools for the job

Don’t be fooled into buying the latest super-duper, all-in-one cleaning gadgets that you see advertised on the TV shopping channels. Quite often the manufacturers will try to up-sell you all sorts of add-on speciality tools and pieces of kit that really are not necessary for effective cleaning.

Buying expensive cleaning machines plus all of their add-on gadgets can be very expensive! Plus you will probably have nowhere to keep all the extra bits and pieces of kit that comes with the machine.

In reality, a lot of professional housekeepers keep a very minimal set of cleaning tools. All you really need at the end of the day is:

  • A decent powered vacuum that can clean hard floors and carpets
  • A feather duster
  • A few cleaning sponges
  • A floor mop and bucket
  • A handle and detail scrub brush
  • A plastic scraper
  • Some good-quality cleaning cloths

There are not many cleaning jobs that cannot be tackled successfully when you have these tools to hand.

Multi-tasking cleaning products

Wherever possible, choose a multi-tasking cleaning product that you can use for more than one purpose. The cleaning product market profits all hinge on their ability to sell you lots of different chemical formulations, liquids, scrubs, powders and creams. Try not to fall into this trap!

Think logically and stick with a few tried and trusted cleaning products that you know will work. Choose an all-purpose kitchen cleaner that disinfects and cuts grease. This will also be a very effective glass and mirror cleaner too!

For floor mopping, choose a floor cleaner that is safe to use on wood, lino and tile floors.

Get a cleaning caddy/carrier

Most people will keep all of their cleaning products in a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. However, to save you time having to run up and downstairs to grab what you need for each cleaning job you need to do, organise your cleaning supplies into a handy cleaning caddy or carrier.

By doing this you can keep all of your cleaning products neatly stacked together and you can carry your caddy with you as you go around from room to room cleaning your home. Everything you need will be instantly at hand and it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Keep your old toothbrush

Dentists advise us to replace our toothbrush every 3 months, but there is no need to get rid of your old toothbrush! Instead, add it to your cleaning kit to get more use from it.

Toothbrushes are handy for cleaning around taps and to get into tight places where grime can build up. An old toothbrush is also fantastic at scrubbing grout between tiles. They also make cleaning air vents a ‘breeze’ – (did you see what we did there!).

Clean from top to bottom

It makes perfect sense to start at the top of your home, and each room, and then work your way downwards. When you start dusting and polishing you will inevitably disturb dust that will fall down. Start by dusting your ceiling and light fittings and work downwards so the last thing you clean is the floor.

Declutter regularly

It is easy for homes to build up a lot of clutter. Having too much clutter creates lots of places for dust to settle and build up. It is much easier to keep your house clean if you can keep the clutter down to a minimum.

Make it a routine to declutter your home at least once every three months so that you don’t become overwhelmed by one massive decluttering purge when it all becomes too much for you. 

Make a monthly cleaning plan

If you set up a cleaning plan and follow the system throughout each month your cleaning will become more effective and will be easier to maintain.

You can schedule tasks that don’t need to be done quite so regularly for one or twice per month, such as tidying up sock draws or wiping down doors and skirting boards. This means you will never forget to do these tasks.