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Don’t be a caveman or cavewoman!

by Crista Sanderson, Mar 2018

Once upon a time, things were different. Hungry? Sharpen that flint spear and go hunting. Thirsty? The spring is over the next hill. Watch out you don’t become wolf lunch. As for home sweet home – build it yourself. Or at least decorate the cave. Whatever needed to be done, you did it yourself. Or it didn’t get done.

Gradually, things changed. Specialist emerged. Leaders, Lords, Kings and Queens took positions of leadership. Priests looked after the spiritual dimension of life. Witch Doctors took an interest in health and healing. Eventually, farmers freed us from the need to hunt and gather.

The Modern Cavewoman

Here we are, in the 21st Century. How many of you built your own homes? Sure, there are those brave souls on Grand Designs. But even they rarely do the building work. It’s not that you couldn’t do it. After all, how hard can it be to stack one brick on top of another, with a bit of mortar in between? It’s like making a Victoria Sponge cake, right? Maybe! And then again, maybe it’s a job best left to a specialist.

The same goes for any number of tasks. Doctor. Nurse. Bus driver. Teacher. Specialists. Experts in their field.

So why is it, in the 21st Century, that so many of us think that we should be our own cleaners?

Cleaning Specialists from Well Polished Reading

Of course, most of us can wave a vacuum around a room. The same goes for a duster. How hard can it be? But when you’ve been in a room that was cleaned by a cleaning specialist you know it. It has that indefinable quality. A sense of order. A sparkle that you can feel as well as see.

Our cleaning team at Well Polished Reading are all experienced professional cleaners. For most of the team, that’s all they do for a living. And they are very good at it. Just look at our reviews on Trustist.

So don’t be a modern Caveman or Cavewoman. Come into the 21st century and let a specialist take care of your cleaning. Leaving you to do what you’re good at. Even if that’s just watching Netflix. Hey – it’s a skill, alright.

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