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6 Ways to Manage the Winter Melancholy

by Crista Sanderson, Nov 2018

Due to the altered day-night cycle the winter brings, many of us tend to feel gloomier in the winter months. It’s actually much more common than you think and here’s a few things you can do to help alleviate the effects of the winter blues.

  1. Mid day walk: As mid day it the time with most sunlight, it would be very beneficial to take a walk outside around about then. In fact, going out at any time during the winter will help you.
  2. Stay warm: Being cold is known to increase feelings of depression. Hot drinks and food are a must!
  3. Eat healthily: Balance a good amount of carbohydrates with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  4. Maintain a hobby: Whether it be playing an instrument, writing or just researching topics that interest you, hobbies are the best way to keep your mind occupied
  5. See your friends and family: This is good advice for any time of year, however it is especially important in the winter. Many members of your friends and family may also be feeling down. Maybe you could cheer each other up?
  6. Counselling: talking through your problems often times directly equates to dealing with them. Either hire a professional therapist, or refer to number 5.

If all else fails, a more drastic approach would be moving to the equator, as levels of Seasonal Affective Depression are much lower there due to extended sunlight hours. Similarly, you could also move to the Southern Hemisphere and enjoy summer all over again!