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Which Cleaning Tasks Burn the Most Calories?

by Well Polished Rayleigh, Nov 2019

Not many of us can say we enjoy cleaning, but what if we could use it as a way of avoiding the gym? Combining calorie burn with cleaning could mean a double win – lose weight and enjoy a clean house?! Which tasks are the best though? Check the calorie counts below according to!

Making your bed burns 70 calories an hour, the equivalent of 1 digestive biscuit, or 20 minutes of Pilates.

You can burn 148 calories per hour whilst washing and folding laundry, which means you can reward yourself with 1 medium glass of wine – or skip a 40 minute weights session.

An hour of ironing burns 157 calories, the equivalent of 1 bag of crisps, or 30 minutes of water aerobics.

Sweeping burns off 161 calories per hour, or 3 Cadbury’s Roses. You’d have to cycle for 30 minutes to burn the same number.

An hour spent dusting burns 166 calories. Treat yourself to 2 chocolate digestives, which would otherwise cost you 20 minutes of aerobics.

Vacuuming burns 175 calories an hour, equivalent to a medium caffe latte, or 20 minutes spent jogging.

An hour of window cleaning burns 231 calories. You’d need to do 25 minutes of circuit training to burn the same amount, equivalent to a custard-filled doughnut…

Scrubbing the bathroom burns 256 calories per hour, and will earn you 2 scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream… Or you could spend 20 minutes spinning, instead.