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The feeling of being a WP client

by Well Polished Oswestry, Sep 2018

Picture this. You’ve just pulled on the driveway after a long, hard day’s work. It’s been a particularly stressful day and you’re looking forward to putting your feet up with a well-deserved glass of wine… And then… the multitude of uncompleted chores from that morning hits you and you remember all the things that you’ll need to do before you can even open the pinot, let alone pour and enjoy!

BUT WAIT… you suddenly remember!

Today is a Thursday! Thursdays are the day my cleaner from Well Polished comes.

You unlock the front door and the first thing that greets you is the smell of freshly washed linen and that faint, unmistakeable scent of your preferred anti-bac spray. As you wander through the hallway, you note the absence of the kid’s ‘kicked off’ shoes and school bags – all tidied away in the cupboard.  Your attention is then drawn to the kitchen and whilst you know you definitely didn’t wash up the breakfast dishes before leaving for work – they are nowhere to be seen – just sparkling worktops and a gleaming cooker. You spot the sofa with it’s plumped cushions and neatly folded throw and almost feel guilty for wanting to sit down on it. As you climb the stairs, feeling the thoroughly vacuumed, fluffy carpet beneath your feet, you see the freshly made beds through open bedroom doors. Your eyes are drawn to the polished chrome taps in the bathroom, in which you can even see your own reflection and opening your wardrobe to pick a change of clothes, you find your ironing hanging neatly, as if by magic.

And just when you think you couldn’t be any happier, you spot the empty washing basket. You look through the window and see the clean clothes waving gently in the wind.

Settling in front of the TV, with that self-promised glass of vino, you give yourself a little pat on the back for arranging a weekly cleaning service and thank God that you don’t have to scrub the toilet tonight.

Whilst this may not be everyone’s experience of coming home after the cleaner has been, we strive to make it the experience of every Well Polished client.


*Actual events may vary